Board of Management

The Board of Management is the body responsible for the congregation’s day-to-day governance.

It comprises seven members and is elected at each year’s Annual General Meeting. Every financial member is eligible to nominate and vote for Board positions, all of which are honorary.

The public face of the congregation is its President, who also chairs the Board’s monthly meetings. Other office-holders are the Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The 2016-17 Board

President: Jordana Schmidt

Jordana has been involved with the Hobart Hebrew Congregation since she and her family moved to Tasmania in 2010. Her family has grown since they relocated from Western Australia, and she and her husband Jason have three young children.

Jordana Schmidt

Jordana Schmidt

In 2014, she joined the congregation’s board and has been the President since 2016. Jordana is particularly interested in growing Jewish communities in isolated areas and supporting Jewish education. She has worked for various Jewish communities around Australia, providing youth and beginning adult classes on culture, history and language.

Jordana sees her role as President as an opportunity to support Jews of all backgrounds and denominations in making meaningful and long-lasting links with their community and heritage. She aims to ensure that the Hobart Hebrew Congregation continues its proud tradition as the oldest continuously used synagogue in Australia by providing a warm, friendly and heimishe centre for Tasmanian Jews’ cultural and religious needs now and into the future.

Jordana has a strong academic background in politics, history and international relations and is currently department head of secondary humanities in a regional Tasmanian school. She undertook portions of her initial teacher training at Jewish schools on mainland Australia, and is regularly invited by schools around Tasmania to guest lecture on diverse topics like world religions and cross-cultural communication, and as a motivational speaker for young women.

Jordana is currently studying for a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy, and has won awards recognising her professional capabilities.

Vice-President: David Clark

Secretary: Kalanit Mayer

Treasurer: Stephen Graetzer

Other Board Members

Daniel Albert

Susan Steenbergen

John Rosenbloom