Wedding couple to double their shul affections

Posted: 4 April 2017

It’s always cause for celebration when a khasene—a Jewish wedding—takes place in Tasmania.

But the joy of the local community will be doubled at the marriage this May of Maxine Glanger and Lev Fridgant, who are members of Hobart shul although living in Launceston.

That’s because Maxine and Lev have chosen to use both of Tasmania’s historic synagogues as venues during their wedding festivities.

Proceedings start on Saturday, May 6 with the couple’s aufruf during a Progressive service in Hobart Synagogue, founded in 1845 and Australia’s oldest. A kiddush lunch provided by Maxine and Lev will follow the aufruf service.

The action moves to Launceston the next day, where Australia’s second-oldest synagogue dating to 1846 will host the chuppah.

Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black of Melbourne will be officiating at both ceremonies, in his last visit to Tasmania as the Progressive Consulting Rabbi to Hobart shul.

Maxine and Lev have always been among our congregation’s most active and popular members. Mazel-tov to them on this auspicious event, and may they enjoy a contented and successful life together.


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