Joe Rose exhibition

Posted: 15 March 2022

Former congregation member Joe Rose’s artwork will be on exhibition at the Masterpiece @IXL Gallery. The  exhibition opens at 2:00 pm, Sunday 20 March and will run for a fortnight.  The gallery is located at 4/19A Hunter Street.

Please check out the art gallery’s webpage, with a detailed biography of Joe Rose and a short video with his son and current congregation member Randy Rose.  

There is also a long feature on Joe Rose’s fascinating life and his career as a artist from 1999 (Australian Jewish News).

If you’re curious, one of Joe Rose’s paintings is displayed upstairs in the synagogue.

The Hobart Synagogue – The Design Inspiration

Posted: 3 March 2022

We’re often asked why the synagogue has such a unique design. The motivation behind the design is unknown, since no there’s no known documentation that gives a clear reason.

Local architect Peter Cripps has done extensive research on this matter, particularly involving the synagogue’s architect, James Alexander Thomson. Peter has uncovered some key information, and was kind enough to let us post his article on our website.

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