Our Congregation

We are a small but diverse congregation, who are committed to Judaism and love living in this beautiful part of the world.

Our members come from all walks of life and from a large region encompassing not only Hobart, but extending from Launceston in the northern part of the state to the far south. Many members are recent Tasmanian arrivals from mainland Australia or overseas.

Members and visitors in the synagogue

Members and visitors in the synagogue

We currently offer both Orthodox and Progressive services as well as study and celebration of festivals and lifecycle events. The congregation is affiliated with the Union for Progressive Judaism, although we are strongly committed to welcoming all Jews.

Our Services

  • Orthodox services are held in the shul every Shabbat morning from 10:30am, unless otherwise notified.
  • Progressive services take place in the shul on the evening of the third Shabbat in every month starting at 6:15pm, and on the morning of the first Shabbat of every month from 9:30am, unless otherwise notified.
  • The shul is the venue for Progressive Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services every year. Orthodox minyanim for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur normally gather in other locations.
  • A communal Pesach Seder takes place every year. Services are held in the shul for other festivals and yomtovim following both Orthodox and Progressive traditions.
  • Lay leaders from the congregation conduct all services, except when a rabbi from another congregation in Australia or overseas is visiting.
  • We cordially invite everyone with an interest in Judaism and Jewishness to attend our services and take part in congregational activities, whether or not they have a Jewish background.

 What We Stand For

  • The Hobart Hebrew Congregation is an inclusive congregation serving all Tasmanian Jews.
  • We promote Judaism and the interests of Jews in the wider Tasmanian community.
  • We take pride in and draw strength from our historic role as the custodians of the Hobart Synagogue, the oldest in Australia.
  • We are not exclusively aligned with any particular stream of Judaism—our Board and membership are made up of Jews who come from a variety of backgrounds and Jewish practice, in recognition of which we conduct both Orthodox and Progressive services.
  • The congregation welcomes this diversity and values the contribution of all its members equally.

If you’re interested in joining our congregation, we’d love to have you. You can find an application form on our membership page.