Voluntary dues model FAQ

Membership fee model
In 2019 we implemented a new membership fee model.  Instead of a traditional annual membership fee, our members decide their contribution amount, in addition to the minimum $5.00 payment.

Each year, the congregation will calculate an average ‘sustaining’ level of giving based on our operating budget to ensure we are able to support the Jewish values and vision for the congregation.  

The current recommended ‘sustaining levels’ are:

Individual membership is $190.00.
Family membership is $340.00
Student membership is $45.00

Why has this changed?
Membership with the Hobart Hebrew Congregation means being part of a Jewish community of lasting relationships, meaningful worship and stimulating learning.  
We want our members to feel more invested and engaged with our community, instead of being told what to contribute. We want new members to feel unconditionally welcomed in our community. We want an active, mutually beneficial relationship between administration and members, and to avoid a fee based system that suggests a fee-for-service transaction.

So, how much do I give?
Well, we hope that the majority of our members give at, or more, than the sustaining level, but it is ultimately a personal decision.

Note, all members are given the same privileges regardless of contribution. Also, the details of individual members’ contributions will be accessible only to the congregation’s treasurer and president.