Hobart Hebrew Kids Group

Posted: 25 November 2021

Happily, many children and young families have recently joined the Hobart Jewish Community.  As a result, a group called the Hobart Hebrew Kids Group (HHKG) has formed.

Morah Michal and pupils

The HHKG started its activities in February this year and has continued meeting every second Sunday of the month.  Its aim is to provide the children of the Jewish community the opportunity to engage in a small way with Jewish culture and the Hebrew language.

There are about 20 children on our list aged two years and over.  Not everyone comes to every event, but those that do turn up always have fun.  The children sing and dance Israeli songs, as well as play games with Hebrew letters, write and learn about the festivals and socialise with their friends.  They engage in hands on festival-inspired activities and crafts such as baking challot, building a succah from cardboard and creating a chanukiah from salt dough with candles made from pipe cleaners.  The parents come along too and participate in the activities and often catch up over coffee at the nearby farmers market after the session.

As well as the Sunday sessions, the HHKG also has had its own celebrations and festivals this year.  There was a lovely Tu B’shvat with fruit and tree planting in the garden, Lag B’Omer on the beach with a great big bonfire, and Shavuot in the Shule. Then there was a beautiful kids’ outdoors shabbat where the kids viewed the beach’s darkening skies to signal the arrival of the Shabbat.  And finally, last but not least, a fantastic Rosh HaShanah, where the TSO’s Israeli principal trumpet player blew the Shofar to a very enthusiastic audience.

We are hoping that many more families will join our little congregation and take part in the HHKG in the coming year.

On behalf of the HHKG I’d like to wish everyone a chag Chanukah same’ach!

-Michal Golebowicz